Kendal Hills Trees is a family owned business located on Clarke Concession 6, between Orono and Kendal, Ontario. We serve customers in the Durham region, from Oshawa to Port Hope, and through the Ganaraska area up towards Peterborough.

For some years we have grown pine and spruce trees on our farm, selling them to nurseries, landscapers and homeowners.

We now have a large stand of mature White Pines, Norway Spruce and White Spruce – hardy trees well adapted to the Durham climate and soil conditions. We also have a stand of younger Colorado Blue Spruce, and are continuing to add to our spruce and pine plantations.

Over the years we have invested in the heavy equipment needed to dig and move trees. We can help our customers either transplant the trees we sell or simply move or transplant trees currently at their home, business, or customers’ locations. Our latest addition a Dutchman 90 truck mounted spade allow us to move trees up to 10" in caliper.

We are also able to provide digging services for those Growers and or Nurseries who may require help digging and root balling their trees.

Anyone interested in our services may obtain more information by calling Scott at (905) 259-4617 or by email